Sometimes days are just crappy!

I was all motivated and ready to ride with the team this morning.

But then I went to fill up my water bottles and they squirted all over.

you would think I’d not try to ride. Nope!

I get on the trainer and get signed into zwift and I am so ready to go.

Well my trainer had other ideas and 2 minutes BEFORE starting the trainer broke and I went flying.

I landed on my knee and the fan:


in the midst of it my coach talking to me and somehow I don’t know how to be able to care of myself in an emergency but oh well.

I got my trainer up and going and you would think I’d give up. Nope!

2 miles into it everything got disconnected. What the heck!

I finally decided to give up on it; maybe I will change out of these clothes or try again?

Can you ever say no?

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