Do the best work of your life

Ever been in a situation where everything is just hell?

Nothing goes your way and you honestly want to give up.

You can fight back and work towards a goal of creating happiness for yourself.

It is possible if you believe.

I am a hard worker and the response I have gotten after my accident has been way less than sub-par by some!

Often I wonder if they are just picking on the disabled employee and that may be the case.

But most people don’t fight for what is right and it is quite unfortunate.

Often I have to go against other’s best wishes for something I feel is right!

And I usually get tons of hate for it.

But at the same time it opens up so many doors!

I applied for a position at Intuit; I knew it was customer facing but I had to just go for it.

And besides getting it I was placed on a team where the manage felt that I could do more (holy crap! Who does that kind of stuff)

So I ended up getting placed on a team and I was assigned back end work.(Among some confusion about who and what)


I keep getting recognized for a few of Intuit’s core values and today I received the 2nd recognition from my manager in 2 weeks! That is awesome.

Are you doing the best work of your life?

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