Brain Injuries and Life

TBI-graphic (5)

No 2 brain injuries are alike!

Some people develop motor problems,

Some people develop mental problems,

Some people develop physical appearance problems,

Some people develop cognitive problems,

and some people develop a mix of problems.

There is no band aid or cure for a brain injury, rather you have to treat each symptom and hope it gets some improvement.

I have to keep reminding myself this especially when people try to tell me to stop trying.

Well it may have worked for you but it may not work for me.

Or they try to tell me what to do, last time I checked I am a legal adult!

I have defied nearly every odds set before me.

I was given a slim chance of surviving and even a slimmer chance of living each day to the fullest. My score on the Glasgow coma scale was the lowest score of 3.

I have earned my AS, BS, and MS.

I have relearned how to drive.

I have learned to live on my own and even bought my own condo.

I have learned to walk again and even then some people are annoyed that I am too slow. They think I should have stayed in a wheelchair.

I could keep going on but I think you get the point here.

Odds not in your favor are meant to be seen as goals.

Prove others wrong and there will be a great deal of joy!

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