The bubble

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We are in a new face of life and it is often for our safety.

It is like we are shielding ourselves by living in a bubble.

But as times change we see the true side of people, maybe its out of frustration or just the fact that we forget.

Some times it is quite difficult to ignore these and take them as a personal attack.

But is it really? Often it is hard to forget that.

I know personally interpreted things to be worse than they may actually be.

It’s frustrating for me to have someone complain about something in a group rather than coming to me individually. When that happens I know I get louder but perhaps that is because I already know that others can’t understand me verbally.

Right now there is a lot on my plate and I am struggling to make sense from it all.

I have written things that may suggest that I am suicidal. Think what you want to think. There is no way that I can even think of to personally harm myself.

But back on topic.

We stay put in a bubble in hopes that this will pass soon. Life is definitely different for all.

Let’s stick together and work together to get through this.

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