Day 4


As most know it the US began a massive closing Monday March 16th until at least the end of March with hopes to stop the spread of the corona virus.b

Day 1 went ok with staying indoors, Day 2 I had my mom come by. Day 3 I finally decided to sneak out. And today I have lost it.

I am honestly not sure how I am going to deal with this for a while still.

Coupled by having to be told by coworkers that I am doing something wrong and then undoing it because it wasn’t done their way to having to deal with politics and seeing everyone post about Trump. And then I took my own time to redo it and they will probably undo it again.

Yes there are mistakes by Trump but honestly they are not huge in the scheme of things.

I am very fearful of what may happen but I don’t need others telling me so and so did this but so and so is doing this.

It is extremely frustrating and the most sense that I can make of it is people are more worried about themselves. My remarks about the senior population getting extended shopping hours are very true. No where in these emails/ websites do they say anything about disabled people.

It is extremely frustrating. Are they trying to get rid of the disabled population? And the responses I got were to call them, seriously people? I have had people hang up on me before and I don’t need that stress right now. Heck I just had an employee at Becker tell me I need to articulate better and HUNG UP on me.

Again it seems this way.

Enough of the tangent, like anyone even cares.

How is everyone doing?


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