Hurry Up and wait

See the source imageEver had that feeling that something needs to be done this moment?

I’m sure you have; it is fairly common.

We get it done and then we must wait for the other person, but how long do we wait?

Does inspiration have a time frame?

Can we inspire others now and wait for them to respond?

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

What can we learn from this practice? Can it help us?

Will others turn to us as others panic and just wonder how they are going to get it all done?

Being in the military I am extremely familiar with this phrase.

We would have to rush to get something done just to have to wait because the other party was taking their time.

It usually meant long times of waiting at parade rest.

We did a lot of thinking then (or at least I did, I don’t know about the others). How will me completing this allow me to be a role model for others when I return?

That mentality and phrase helped me a lot through recovery and apparently it is now.

We have to hurry to get everything we may need just to wait until COVID-19 passes. It’s frustrating for many as well as a disruption in life. How the heck do we get through it? How can we use this time as a period to help inspire others?

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