The Helmet

The helmet is a form of protective gear for the head.

It minimizes the impact if in a crash or something.

It helps to keep the brain safe.

Wearing a helmet can be a good thing and may also help to save your life!

We all wear helmets whether they are seen or not.

In those cases where we don’t see a helmet, our skull protects our brain.

If there is an injury to the skull it is very likely that the brain is injured as well.

So what happens if there is an injury?

Can we prevent it in that instance?

Can we turn back time in order to prevent it from happening in the future?

Can we tell when we are going to lose our helmet?

So today I climbed over 1500 feet on the trike at USMES camp in Arizona (How the heck does everyone seem to know my name?)

On the descent there is one area that the road camber is horrible and on a trike you have to lean the opposite way.

And so I did

But then good bye helmet (Seriously)

I stopped quickly and was just laughing! The buckle was together still too!

How the!

So a helmet can be a good thing.

Are you keeping your helmet on?

4 thoughts on “The Helmet

  1. That’s some serious climbing on a big trike!

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  2. Did you have it clamped down on your noggin? Did anyone get a video?😂

    Liked by 1 person

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