When the wind blows

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All will be ok.

You will have a perfect self.

You will excel at everything you attempt.

You will have a perfect life.

Wait, do you really believe that?

Life sure can be difficult especially if you receive a life altering condition or disability.

We don’t live in a world made for people that are different from the general public.

We have to adapt and conquer.

We strive to be equal but of course that is not always possible.

Others will sometimes we chosen above us and that just has to be ok.

Something will eventually be in our path.

I openly share my struggles, concerns, and journey in the hope that it will help someone out. You can find my book on Amazon.

That’s all I really can do but isn’t that what each one of us can do?

It’s hard when I seem to be mistreated but what it decent this time was my manager knowing that I knew how to do something before she told me how. 🙂 THAT was awesome!

How is your wind blowing?

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