When it all comes tumbling down…

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I forget dinner and what really matters,

The message tonight at the church Ash Wednesday service really hit home tonight.

We need to take better care of ourselves and not be tempted by outside influences.

I couldn’t agree with it more.

As we embark on our journey to inspire others, we need to step back at times and ask ourselves does it really matter to what is going on and to us?

Or do we need to do it to be like others and to fit in?

If we were like those around us, then life would be fairly boring. No cultural differences, no religious differences, and so on.

What we need to do is better ourselves and hopefully in turn that will allow us to help others.

I made the hard decision today to take a break from doing something that I love for a few months. It all has come down on me and it’s very frustrating.

I have people telling me to do something with others combating back at me to do something totally different.

I have people trying to talk me out of some things that I feel need to be done.

I have some that still treat me differently and even some might think of me as incapable of doing something.

So before anyone asks me I am taking a break from something I love doing to allow myself to realign with my core values for other things.

I’m doing this for me and if you have a problem with it in any way please unfriend me. Thank you.

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