For Stories Yet To Be Written — A View From My Summerhouse

In early September, my family whisked me away to a delightful cottage (a one time Calvinist chapel) in the heart of the beautiful Sussex countryside. This was my ‘big’ birthday getaway, plotted and planned with great secrecy. With stunning views all around, we ate breakfast on the roof patio, took walks in the surrounding woods […]

via For Stories Yet To Be Written — A View From My Summerhouse

In 2 days I will be 13,

But I am also 33.

Wait, what?!?

13 years ago my life changed. I’m still rewriting my new story.

How is your story inspiring others?

1 thought on “For Stories Yet To Be Written — A View From My Summerhouse

  1. Yernasia Quorelios February 12, 2020 — 12:12 am


    ♡ So, ALL these Macho Men Puffing Out Their Chests yet Kow Towing to a White Elderly Gentleman, ‘God’, who has a Dusky Wife, Goddess, while Forcing Family and Friends to do The Same while Reserving Their Right to Be Oppressors; 2020 is A Year of Goddess and God Better Pay Close Attention instead of Starting Wars 🤔 ?



    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ Ever felt ‘I Have To!!!’ then ‘I Don’t Want To’ 🤔 ? I Have then I Decide to Do or Don’t; if The Latter then ‘Grown Ups’ Administer Severe Assaults, Kicks, Punches, Slaps et al on a Defenceless Child

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



    ♡ When I Was Born My Body Was In Charge; when I Was conditioned by Beatings My Mind Took Over Realising how to Avoid BEATINGS!!!…now I Listen to My Body; so when My Mind Starts with Inane Parental Babble My Body Says “Please; SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!”


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


    ♡ Please Research EveryOne; please 🤔 ?

    …please; please…


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