Very long first full day!

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Something new comes into your path.

At first you are like awesome

but then you start.

Half day first day but a second day is full!

Full of something that maybe you haven’t done in a very long time

How do you manage that?

Do you want to go back or do you want to just quit?

We may want to quit but is that really necessary?

Or can we use it to grow?

I started Intuit’s training yesterday; Friday didn’t count because it was only 1.75 hours; I had 9 today.

But on Friday I got moved to a different team because I have a Master’s.

After emailing my manager about an increase of the pay rate who told me to email the recruiter to the recruiter telling me to email my manager and to my manager who said that it is up to the recruiter. It is a lot of throwing around and I am really sick of dealing with it.

Oh well. I really can’t complain. There is extreme flexibility around this and in 9 months money will be tight again but oh well.

Ok  enough of that, let’s be happy!

How is everyone doing?


2 thoughts on “Very long first full day!

  1. Yernasia Quorelios January 28, 2020 — 7:56 pm

    ♡ I AM Alive


    Liked by 1 person

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