I’ve been slacking!


Ever had a point in your life that everything just happens?

How do you deal with it?

Prioritizing things can certainly help but what happens if something urgent comes up?

And then of course it may seem like it’s coming down.

But perhaps it isn’t and what is happening now can certainly be a good thing.

This past month sure has been crazy!

The holidays are over but I haven’t had much time.

I was giving up with employers so I started a business,

at the same time I finally finished my book and got it published in November.

Now into January I took a jump and applied for a part time job at Intuit and I started there on Friday.

Apparently a Master’s in Forensic Accounting is a rare thing and I am going to be bored as a bookkeeper.

So I’m moving there

building up my business with SBDC

and whatever else

Good thing it is winter and I don’t have to concentrate on the bike much.

So I am not slacking on the blog right now, I am just barely hitting it for a few weeks.

Thanks for following!

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