New year, New Decade!

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New year, New Decade!

What could be better?

This is the perfect time to start planning how you will finish your dreams. Will you travel the world? Will you start a new job? Will you volunteer more of your time?

What you do is up to you!

I got this calendar at the end of December and this is January. Each month has a different sentence.

In the past, most adults worked a 9-5 job and worked traditionally.

Now a days there are a number of startups and many adults work different hours than  9-5.

Some work remote as well.

How are you making the most of the new year?
I started off this year with a new book that I wrote:

Have you picked up a copy or two to also share?

I started my own business:

Know anyone that needs an accountant? I am targeting start ups…

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