Ford Flex 7 Passenger Compact Car


Everything may not be as simple as it seems.

What may sound one way to someone, may seem another way to someone else.

Or maybe they were just not paying attention to what is being said thus missing some vital details.

All you really can do is laugh and hope for the best.

Many abled individuals may not completely understand the frustration that may  come with it.

I went to Texas for a few days to meet with some business clients  and to get out of the cold.

I met a lot of great new friends and I learned a lot.

I also managed to take this trip alone, which is quite an accomplishment in its self.

I got to ride a recumbent in December for 18.9 miles which was pretty awesome!

But the trip didn’t come without trouble.

It first started off with the flight delays. We were on the plane and after 46 minutes they were like we have to switch planes. So we pulled back in and then our plane was supposed to leave at 3. Then it finally left at 3:30.

We got off the ground and landed in Austin about 6:30 pm. With the help of someone I had reserved a car through Avis, a compact car with a spinner knob. I got to the counter and she was like we don’t have a reservation for a spinner knob; you needed to reserve it specially.

Oh but I did and I  went to show her the email. That is when she called someone and she had me sit down.

A few minutes later they “found” my reservation and gave me directions to the compact car with a spinner knob.

I got to it and it was a 7 row Ford Flex with both a spinner knob and a handbrake. Oh great!

So here I am in a different city at night in a large SUV and doing a crash course in learning to use a hand brake.

Oh it definitely couldn’t get any better but it did. Now I had to do a tight spiral driveway to exit and I couldn’t get the headlights on.

But all I could do was laugh.

I got to my friends Matt’s house around 8 at the end of the Zoom call and then the hotel.

The parking garage was underneath and I had to do what seemed like a 10 point turn in order to get out.

Overall the trip was great! I learned a lot about myself and my abilities.

Are you doing all that you can?

4 thoughts on “Ford Flex 7 Passenger Compact Car

  1. Yernasia Quorelios December 15, 2019 — 2:12 pm

    ♡ More than I “Can”; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I AM Evolving Moment by Moment and I AM Awed, Amazed and Appreciative of ALL of This New and ReDiscovered Ability


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  2. Focus on the good things you did and the people you met on your trip. We all face obstacles, misunderstandings and setbacks in life. And you face many more. But we all adapt, learn, and execute in spite of those hurdles. We are imperfect people in an imperfect world and the more positive our response is to challenges,
    The better we feel about both.

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