The impact

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We never truly understand the change in the way of life until we experience it ourselves.

It may be that our grandparents seem to be stuck in the old way of the life,

or hearing about the diminishing newspaper,

or hearing about the closing of brick n mortar stores due to the rise of online shopping,

or hearing that teenagers can’t do simple subtraction in their heads,

or hearing about the decline in landline phones as more people move towards mobile.

Just think about it, mobile means you are always available 24/7/365,

your calendar is available to you instantly,

Those who can’t remember phone numbers can search for a contact.

Do you know your best friends phone number?

Also being mobile we don’t need to rely on paper maps and paper phonebooks.

Can you read a paper map?

Do you know how to use a phonebook? Yes a phonebook!

Times are definitely changing

but with it can come confusion.

I was at a family gathering today for the holidays. I rarely hear from my grandma or even many of my aunts. But it was joyous when my grandma opened a joint gift from someone. It was a cell phone! Tears of joy came out but we all could tell that she was happy! Now she could stay connected with ALL of us.

How frickin awesome is that?

How are you adapting to the changing times?

2 thoughts on “The impact

  1. Yernasia Quorelios December 8, 2019 — 6:18 am

    ♡ Great to hear of your Grans joy Amanda, Light of My Life; my “adaptation” is ongoing just like your Grans


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