Yes you can!


Why put your heart into just one thing?

why concentrate on one activity?

Why do something that could hinder your living?

Why participate in something when you really shouldn’t?

Why have such a huge dream when at times it may not seem possible?

Why work your tail off only to get discouraged when you aren’t the best?

There are many more questions that I could list but I know you would as the reader would get bored reading them. I can’t say this is easy but surely nothing in life ever is! It may make one wonder why I want to ride even though I know that more serious injury could cause permanent brain damage. Cuts, sprains, and strains are all manageable even though some may be worse than others.

To have a dream is to live. You can push towards it or you can just sit back and watch the world spin around you. It is your choice! I dream of one day representing USA in the Paralympics. At first I really didn’t think it was possible until I heard about the trike. That was followed by  another setback. Money. That will always be a problem but oh well.

Is it possible to be good at too much?

What is your dream? And why are you not running after it?

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