What do I want?


This is quite a simple question but arriving at the answer is no simple answer.

There will be dead ends

There will be times that you need to reverse.

There will be people trying to stop you.

There will be people who completely don’t understand.

But what matters is what YOU WANT.

Life can definitely present a number of obstacles but the best way to move forward


Break down stigmas placed upon you,

Do the impossible.

Quite simply, be inspirational. Show others that it is possible.

If my parents listened to early doctors I definitely wouldn’t be here.

But they didn’t listen and I am still here,

Surpassing goals as each day passes.

Sure there will always be those around me who control me or attempt to, those who just think otherwise about me, those who feel the need to pick at me no matter the reason.

It sure can be frustrating but I have learnt to deal with it.

Are you inspiring to change the world?

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