The Strange One — Scribblers Arena

I was always regarded as the strange one, I always kept to myself not needing to follow the sun. I was thought as someone who was always a bit different, a person best ignored and treated as insignificant. I never had a great job or the luxury of a lot of money, the butt of […]

via The Strange One — Scribblers Arena

Some midday inspiration for you today 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Strange One — Scribblers Arena

  1. I think most people feel this way about themselves that they’re on the outside looking in imagine there’s very few people who actually are on the inside and they’re definitely not looking out they’re too busy looking at themselves so actually you’re in the majority

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  2. “Scribblers Arena” is not available at the domain right now. This domain expired, and it has to be renewed before it is lost….


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