The Struggle? The Hustle? It Never Ends… — Cristian Mihai

Are you waiting for that time when “everything will fall into place?” When the economy will be better, when your situation will be better, when you’ll have different people around you? Are you wishing for a different kind of relationship, for a different you, for a different body, for a different career? Are you thinking […]

via The Struggle? The Hustle? It Never Ends… — Cristian Mihai

1 thought on “The Struggle? The Hustle? It Never Ends… — Cristian Mihai

  1. Yernasia Quorelios October 24, 2019 — 12:43 am


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    I AM often told:

    ♧ Clubbing – “You’re a dreamer with your head in the clouds and not grounded in reality.” – Clubbing

    I Reply:

    ♡ “3DReality is only One of Many Realities of which Dreams, especially Nightmares, ARE Particularly Pertinent Realities.”

    …from My Experience it’s Crystal Clear Clarity to Me that We Have Both a Physical Body and an Energetic Field Surrounding Our Physical Body that some call an Aura…this Aura is Generally Constantly in Flux due to Our InterActions with Others, Our Dreams and Our Emotions EveryOne; as far as I Can Tell these ARE The Auratic Colours and I Have Added My Take on them:

    ♡ Azure – Azura, Purest and Most Peaceful
    ♧ Clubbing – Black, Pessimistic Depression – Clubbing
    ♧ Clubbing – Dark Blue, Stormy Seas – Clubbing
    ♡ Blue, Calm Seas
    ♧ Clubbing – Dark Green, Stormy Land – Clubbing
    ♡ Green, Calm Land
    ♤ Indigo, InSightful
    ♧ Clubbing – Jade, Jealous – Clubbing
    ♡ Lavender, Loving
    ◇ Maroon, Annoyed
    ♤ Orange, Cautious Amber
    ♧ Clubbing – Pink, Irritated – Clubbing
    ◇ Purple, Royal
    ♤ Rainbow, X-Factors
    ♧ Clubbing – Red, Raging Furious – Clubbing
    ♤ Silver, Optimistic
    ♡ Violet, UpLifting
    ◇ White, Boringly Bland Neutral

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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