When it all comes tumbling down


At least in seems that way.

For the past 13 years almost I have worked my butt off and in the process provided some inspiration to all.

I have done many things that people thought were impossible.

I bet they were thinking, who the heck is this person and why is she trying? I’m sure that every one of my readers has said or thought that at some point.

Yes I know I am stubborn but that won’t stop me.

I even jumped off a stand to go ziplining in South Africa and didn’t even think twice about it.

I bought plane tickets to Brussels, Belgium the night before the bombing and I still wanted to go compete at that World Cup.

I got back behind the wheel when I was almost killed driving behind a wheel.

I took a 15 plus hour plane ride across the ocean to compete.

I have fallen off the trike several times and got right back on to finish with no regards to whether or not I was hurt.

I have fought others thoughts because the only one that knows my body is me.

All of this and so much more has happened after my accident. I try to bring inspiration to you all in the process.

But it really bothers me when people undermine my ability to do what I chose to do right now.

It hurts to have others try to talk me out of something.

It is very discouraging to have others question my thoughts or to pin other people’s actions on me for whatever reason.

Its annoying to have people try to force their religious beliefs on me, I am happy where I am.

Maybe they are threatened by me?

Maybe they just don’t know me?

or maybe they just think they can because of how society perceives disabled people?

But should I have to defend myself in every situation?

Should I have to follow their path of what they think is best for me?

At this point I am now second guessing this plan to start a business, will I be able to sustain it?

Am I educated enough?

Who will be working against me and the hope that it is successful;?

Life sure has it’s curveballs and I have had plenty of them. At points I wonder if they will ever stop?

But I also know there is no stopping me!

Are you being stopped?

1 thought on “When it all comes tumbling down

  1. Yernasia Quorelios October 15, 2019 — 4:04 pm

    ◇ Diamond Hard – this is exactly why I Avoid Other Folk EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Don’t Know exactly How it Works yet Clearly I AM Better Off Alone yet NOT!!! Lonely EveryOne…so I Have a Simple yet Complex Concept for ALL of You; DECIDE!!! – Diamond Hard


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