Useless Inventions — Mitch Teemley

Inventions! Where would we be without them? Did you know that money doesn’t grow on trees! Someone actually had to invent it! Why? So we could use it to buy other things that don’t grow on trees, like: Computers! Airplanes! And toilet paper! Well…OK, that does kind of grow on trees. But the point is, […]

via Useless Inventions — Mitch Teemley

How can you make the best out of any situation?

2 thoughts on “Useless Inventions — Mitch Teemley

  1. Yernasia Quorelios October 8, 2019 — 4:28 pm



    ♡ Whether I Perceive You Hinder Me or Help Me with 3DLiving it Doesn’t Matter; because I AM Grateful and Appreciative for Your Contribution to My Growth…and I Have No Obligation to Keep You in My 3DLife; and Neither Do You Have An Obligation to Keep Me in Your 3DLife


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