Rich or poor?

The sermon this past Sunday started with a poll,


Would you rather be rich or would you rather be poor?

Most of the congregation would rather be rich. Coming from where I am, I think I was the only one who said they would rather be poor.

Money can’t buy happiness.

What matters most to me is that others people’s needs are met first before me. I’m more willing to say yes and agree with them but I’m finding that could get me in a lot of trouble.

With tithes down at church during the summer I freaked and almost took out of my 401k from the years at Greenlee. I wasn’t thinking about my own taxes at the time because I was putting the churches needs before my own.

I’d rather be poor than to see them fail.

At work I took credit for the first mistake but as others were noted, I knew something was up so I found a way to prove it wasn’t me. Don’t worry, these mistakes were not huge and could easily be changed. Now I’m wondering if the first one was really my doing?

Would you rather be rich or would you rather be poor?

Are you willing to give everything that you have in order to find happiness or would you rather be rich and have everything that you need?

1 thought on “Rich or poor?

  1. Yernasia Quorelios September 30, 2019 — 5:31 pm

    ◇ Diamond Hard – From The Poorest Paupers to The Most Monetising Monarchs Our Greatest Accomplishment is Being Born (a Life Threatening Event for Bub and Mum) then Staying Alive while Paying Attention to What Does and, especially, Doesn’t Resonate; so, for Me, “Rich or poor?” is Simply and Complexly just another aspect of 3DDuality – Diamond Hard


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