Memories within us


Do we really know how we will act in various circumstances?

We might be able to guess based on prior instances but no two events are the same.

We just need to push on and hope for the best.

Is the best possible?

Or do we ever know?

As I was perusing Facebook last night I saw that an old friend had passed away. I haven’t talked to him in a few years but I occasionally ran into his wife at a store.

As I mentioned before, no two injuries are alike.

And so this may not have hit hard for some but for me that is the complete opposite.

He was one of the ones on those on the street I lived on as I was in elementary school.

Hearing his passing that brought back memories of June 3 2000.ย  That was when we lived on the same street and was also the day of my dad’s passing.

I remember finding my mom who had found my dad, rushing across the street with no regards for traffic to get someone who I knew had CPR certification.

I understand the pain that they are going through and I know space can be very helpful!

My thoughts and prayers are with you Dawn, Brandt, and Bree as you mourn the loss of your father, your husband, your friend!

Hold on to those who you love!

2 thoughts on “Memories within us

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