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Originally posted on Ckonfab: What is this longing? there ain’t any love, no vows are taken, no promises to fulfill yet there is a yearning an unsaid attraction a defiant bond should I give it a name and spoil it? or call it an ostensible existence of two innate souls should we drag expectations into…

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Shantanu has some really good poems and writings on his site. You should check them out. 🙂

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  1. Yernasia Quorelios September 25, 2019 — 11:45 am


    ◇ Diamond Hard – What is a ‘mistake’ EveryOne, what is ‘success’, ‘failure’; do you even KNOW!!! 🤔 ? – Diamond Hard



    ◇ Diamond Hard

    ♧ Red=Rage
    ♤ Purple=Esteem
    ♧ Blue=Sadness
    ♤ Amber=Apprehension
    ♧ Black=Depression
    ♡ Turquoise=Calm
    ♧ Orange=Anxiety
    ♡ Green=Confidence
    ♡ Azure=Pure

    …Diamond Hard…



    A GAH!!! (Genuine Authentic Honest with Exclamation Marks Representing Frustration with FFF (Fake False Fraudulent)) Apology is ALL About Changing; Being Changing The Way We:

    ♤ THINK!!!
    ♤ SPEAK!!!
    ♤ BEHAVE!!!

    …saying ‘sorry’ then repeating Thought, Word and Deed simply doesn’t cut it so please Be Sincere EveryOne; please…



    ◇ Diamond Hard

    A Child has No Concept of ‘Success’ or ‘Failure’ (‘If’ ~ Poem by Rudyard Kipling) until Bullied, Berated and Beaten Up Physically, Physiologically, Psychologically and Soulfully by Well Meaning Parents and Other Authority who Really Have NO FUCKING IDEA!!! about 3DLife; it’s clearly PRETTY FUCKING OBVIOUS!!! a Child Knows when to Quit if They ARE NOT!!! Enthusiastic, NOT!!! Willing and NOT!!! Interested…yet The ‘Grown Ups’ insist “You WILL!!! Stick With This or Else 😠 !!!” instead of Asking “OK, what ARE You Passionate About Kiddo; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We Can Do That, OK 🤔 ?” ~ Smart Parents, as Opposed to The Dummies that Most Parents ARE; yet a Well Balanced ‘Grown Up’ Recovers and Develops from ‘The Best’ Belting Their Parents KNEW!!! for example Compare The Billionaires; as far as I AM Aware Richard Branson is The Only Billionaire that had to Work for His Inheritance and is The Fittest Billionaire in Latter 3DLife – Diamond Hard



    ◇ Diamond Hard – It’s All Very Well Listening in The Moment; yet The Past and The Future Impact and Influence The Moment…the Most Valuable Advisers are Our Personal Proof and Experiential Evidence from Living 3DLife which is Very, Very, Very Good for Our Creative/Sporting/Business Practices and Our Personal Relationships – Diamond Hard


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