Ever been masked?

Do you feel like it is hindering you?

Or do you feel like it is just waiting to burst into the hidden view suddenly?

Do you even have any clue of what I am talking about?

We use masks to hide but they can also be used to cover up items.

And this may be good or it may be bad.

Are you presenting your true self to society around you or are you hiding?

The mask may be covering up something that may just surprise others.

Yes it can get frustrating but the best part is just to move forward the best you can.

It will work out in the end of course.

People often judge on what they see and hear. It’s just how a majority of society is.

But that assumption may be wrong.

I am just an example of this. People hear me speak and immediately assume that everything needs to be simplified and I need to be spoken to slowly.

This really annoys me and probably anyone in a similar situation.

I love watching their mouths drop when I tell them I have a Master’s in Forensic Accounting.

Image may contain: Mandy Kloepfer, smiling

That’s where the fun begins!

Are you being your true self?

2 thoughts on “Masked

  1. Yernasia Quorelios September 23, 2019 — 1:03 am


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