Embrace the unexpected!

Plain and simple, how can you enjoy life if it is all the same?

If unexpected opportunities expect you to try something new?

If you don’t get to meet new people and have fun doing it?

This morning I did Everybody Rides in St Charles, IL. I was expecting to ride alone

but stupid me posted on Facebook

and of course, Hal Honeyman (Organizer and owner of Project Mobility) hunted me down and would not let me ride alone. OOPS!

I signed up for 45 but agreed to do a shorter distance because of the weather. He ended up pairing me with a group consisting of a tandem and a single bike rider. We did the 29 mile route.

On a straight I ended up passing the tandem and I even hit over 21 MPH when I was chasing them after reaching the top of a hill climb.

I flew up the first few hills but the next couple were a bit steeper and I inched up them. The last one was the steepest at 8% and I hit a new record of 1.3 MPH. It was followed by a fast downhill on a road COVERED with pot holes. Needless to say I rode the brakes down it.

When we got back to the start, George asked me if I would try a tandem. My balance sucks but he said not to worry, he would do the balancing. I have the wrong types of cleats and so keeping my feet on the pedals was very difficult.

Image may contain: George Pastorino and Mandy Kloepfer, people smiling, people riding bicycles, bicycle and outdoor

But it was fun and I’d do it again!

Have you tried something totally unexpected and loved it?

7 thoughts on “Embrace the unexpected!

  1. Yernasia Quorelios September 15, 2019 — 9:29 pm

    ◇ Diamond Hard – Being Homeless – Diamond Hard


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    1. I bet that was hard but it sounds like you embraced it 🙂

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      1. Yernasia Quorelios September 15, 2019 — 10:23 pm

        ♡ As a Writer “Embraced” is NOT!!! a Word I Would CHOOSE!!! as a Word to Describe My Less Than Pleasant Experiences @Inspirational Leader; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that as far as I AM Concerned ‘Endured’ is Much More Accurate 🤗


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        1. Yernasia Quorelios September 15, 2019 — 10:27 pm

          ♡ It’s a bit like being divorced EveryOne; married then blindsided by abandonment


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  2. Yernasia Quorelios September 15, 2019 — 10:19 pm

    ◇ Diamond Hard – It’s kinda like a Wierd Ass Contradiction in Terms @Inspirational Leader and also @EveryOne Else; the Cliché is ‘Quit Chasing and Be Surprised by Being Chased’ – Diamond Hard


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