Nothing is impossible

The word itself means I’m possible.


This is a quote that I ran across a few years ago and I try to live it; I have even placed it above my fireplace.

I continue to tell my story because my hope is that one day someone in a similar situation as my parents will run across my story and second guess a doctor’s educational diagnosis. WordPress and other types of writing will have to do because I have not figured out how to break into the world of public speaking. Anyone know how?

2/13/2007 I should have been killed quite frankly, photos of my car are in the photos page if you have not seen them yet. I had a broken collarbone, brain stem damage, a severe TBI, a pulverized spleen, double vision, and my stomach was in my chest. I was a 3 on the Glasgow coma scale.

From what I was told, doctors didn’t give me ANY hope; they told my parents to put me in a nursing home and get on with their life.

Well my parents didn’t listen and I am very thankful of that.

I have miraculous leaps and bounds;

Earned my AS and BS in Accounting and MS in Forensic Accounting

Relearned to drive

Started Working

Started competing in paracycling

Bought a condo.

Not too shabby for someone who wasn’t supposed to live?

Nothing is impossible, the word itself means I’m possible. Are you living to the best of your abilities?

4 thoughts on “Nothing is impossible

  1. This is so true!
    The power of belief is totally underestimated by todays materialistic science which merely runs on statistics.

    There is the story of a boy in the jungle whose leg was bitten of by an aligator.
    Because he saw in nature how everything grew back it was clear to him that his leg also would.
    So it did!
    Then he came into a hospital of society and the medical practitioners there told him that legs would not grow back.
    And as soon as he lost his belief in his own leg’s regrowth, his leg stopped growing back!

    If you want to know about people who did cultivate their mind over the boundaries of matter,
    read the “Autobiography of a Yogi” from Yogananda – nearly each chapter contains one miracle.
    This is the only book Steve Jobs had on his ipad and which he did read every year once. He ordered it to be given to each of the 500 attendance of his funeral.

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