The lasting impressions

It’s not about how good that you may be at something,

we all have strengths and we all have weaknesses.

We all have nuances or little things that annoy us.

I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a fact of life.

But the impact of an impression you make DOES have a lasting effect.

The little things you do now can matter in a huge way over time.

Life sure hasn’t been easy for me. There has been lots to relearn. There have several people that have tried to bring me down.

I’m still trying to figure out how they know what is best for me. Can anyone provide some insight into this?

Let me fail and this will allow me to be able to figure it out next time.

But off topic, I was having a bad morning. I got off in a bad mood when I started the time trial and believe me I really wanted to say screw it when I wasn’t hitting the speed that I used to be able to go, something is changing and now I just need to figure that out.

I increased my time on the same exact course by nearly 10 minutes although I have been decreasing my time. That just put me in a bad mood.

But then at the awards ceremony one of the presenters said that I am an inspiration. That was kind of nice to hear!


So remember all the little things you do now may impact someone down the road.

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