I like this one, do you?

Be Courageous

Love yourself first and love will flow out of you, affecting everyone around you.

Dig deep within your soul

And embrace who you are!

Don’t change yourself for anyone or anything.

You were created in a unique way

To serve your purpose in life.

“God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers.”-Jennifer Lee –

Growth, comes from tough times.

Like a trees roots,

Growing deeper, spreading wider

Through every storm, it survives

Some branches might bend,

Some might break

But it growns back stronger..

Always keep your head up, Be proud and never allow the world to change you.

Stay connected with your inner strength.

After all… In the end… It’s what’s in your heart that matters most.

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4 thoughts on “Inspiration:)

  1. Yernasia Quorelios July 17, 2019 — 7:27 am


    ♡ I Don’t Like People Very Much EveryOne; they ARE Fake, False, Fraudulent rather than GAH!!! (Genuine Authentic Honest with The Exclamation Marks Representing The Frustration of FFF (Fake False Fraudulent))…so I Tolerate The Fakeries while Keeping My Distance from Them so as NOT TO BE INFECTED!!! with Their Falsehoods; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Being Awake, Aware and Alert means Having Far Fewer Friends 🤓🙄🤗


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  2. Beautiful words of wisdom shared

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