French Fried Mice


No this one really has nothing to do with the title.

I am carrying a lot and it’s not just today but I think it may help some of you understand the challenges often faced.

Imagine being a person with a disability in an abled bodied world. As a person with a disability there are quite a few things that make me wonder how someone that is able bodies thinks they are complying with ADA LAWS.

Why have a soap dispenser about 4 feet off of the ground and have paper towels halfway across the room?

Why store stuff in the hallway leading to the bathroom allowing less space to navigate?

Why make the doors harder than hell to open?

What is up with those dots on the sidewalk?

Why have a handicap spot farther away from the door simply because there is a cutout for a ramp?

I could go on and on about why’s. Having a disability in a world made for abled bodied individuals is not easy! Can you imagine?

1 thought on “French Fried Mice

  1. Yernasia Quorelios July 4, 2019 — 2:23 am


    ◇ I Have Scars and I AM NOT Ashamed of Them; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that My Scars Remind Me I Have Lived, I AM Living and Continue to Live



    ◇ I Trust In Me EveryOne; I Have Faith In Me, UnShakeable Conviction that I Have a Right To Be Here and I AM Right in EveryThing I THINK!!! Say and Do Even when I THINK!!! it’s WRONG!!! Seamless …



    ♡ Miserable People often Deny Complaining with “I HAVE A LIFE!!!” then Go On Describing Their Living Arrangements & LifeStyles with which They ARE Clearly Very UnHappy; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity We ARE Our 3DLife NOT!!! the Money, Materialism and Relationships that Surround Us…



    ◇ Roaring Rage=Really Resentful; Please Calm Down
    ◇ Angst Anxiety=Acutely Apprehensive; It May NEVER!!! Happen
    ◇ Deep Depression=Death Desire; Please Stay Alive

    …I AM Forged and Hardened in The Fires of MMHI; I AM Also Water Soft which is Very, Very, Very Good for Creative/Sporting/Business Practices and Personal Relationships…



    ◇ Parents Educate
    ◇ Teachers/Lecturers/Professors Educate
    ◇ Experience Educates

    …I Experience without Being Educated by Sitting In Silence; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Experience is an Educator if I CHOOSE!!! to Actively Listen EveryOne…



    ♡ ALL Problems have Solutions; if I Perceive Problems I SEEK!!! Solutions rather than Dwell on PROBLEMS!!! however long it takes…clearly My Mental Health plays a part here; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Admit, Acknowledge And Address My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)



    ♤ Lack=Less than I Perceive I NEED!!!
    ♡ Enough=Exactly what I NEED!!!
    ♧ Abundance=More than I NEED!!!

    …so why; why 🤔 ?…



    ◇ 1. Etheric (SIXTH SENSE!!!)
    ◇ 2. Touch (RECOIL!!!)
    ◇ 3. Hearing (LOUD NOISES!!!)
    ◇ 4. Sight (DON’T LOOK!!!)
    ◇ 5. Taste (SPIT IT OUT!!!)
    ◇ 6. Smell (FOLLOW OUR NOSE!!!)



    ◇ Ingest, Digest, Absorb, Excrete
    ♡ Manage Psychological State
    ♧ Follow Rules and Regulations or Rebel



    ◇ One of My Favourite Poems about Diamond Hard; the Reality of Inflexible ‘Leading’:

    I wanna be the leader
    I wanna be the leader
    I wanna be the leader

    I AM The Leader!!!
    I AM The Leader!!!
    I AM The Leader!!!

    What do we do now?
    What do we do now?
    What do we do now?

    …be careful what is wished for everyone; it may manifest when least expected…



    ♡ Since Accomplishing Management and Control of My ANGER!!! 😠 EveryOne I Haven’t Hurt MySelf or AnyOne Else Since; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Have Been a bit Clumsy in My Small, Single Living Space and Grazed and Lacerated MySelf on a Number of Different Occasions 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊 …so what’s The The Solution to This Stress and Pressure ANGER, RAGE!!! 😖😡😠 Problem; because, Clearly, a Problem is a Solution in Waiting 🤓 …but what if The Problem is Too Difficult, Too Big, to Face Right Now; it’s also Crystal Clear Clarity to Me that I Wait for The Solution to Present ItSelf in Divine Timing 😇 …the Maiming and Harming of Others is Diamond Hard EveryOne; it’s also Crystal Clear Clarity that Water is Soft and Yielding, gradually, persistently and, sometimes, INSTANTLY HARD!!! like Tsunamis or Floods; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Gaia KNOWS!!! and We Should ALL Pay Attention to what Really Matters 🤓😇🤗

    ◇ Our Moods EveryOne; the sooner We Comprehend That Simple yet Complex Truth The Better 🤓😇🤗♡ Personally I AM More about Effort; like watching The Fat Girl Completing a 100m Sprint in 30 Seconds Impresses Me More than Usain Bolt…

    …♧♧♧ ..


    ◇ I AM Aware that EveryThing and EveryOne ARE Connected at SubAtomic Levels that Some Call Goddess/Allah/God/Divine and So On; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Many Others ARE Asleep on Their Journey to Being Awake, Aware and Alert thereby Rediscovering Paying Attention like Children…so; ARE You Paying Attention to ALL The Signs, Signals, Synchronicities, Pointers and Guidelines that ARE There for The One and Only You or ARE You Distracted by ‘IMPORTANT GROWN UP STUFF!!!’ 🤔 ?…



    ◇ Authentically Moving On

    Some Stuff Stays
    Some Stuff Goes
    Some Stuff Arrives

    …I Suggest Be Still on The Beach of 3DLife as The Time Tide Ebbs and Flows; a Tide that Laps at Our Feet Bringing Bits of The Puzzle To Us without showing the Big Picture until The Time Tidal Wave Arrives and We ARE Overwhelmed by Our ‘Success’ or ‘Failure’…a piece of Carbon under Stress, Pressure and Heat becomes Diamond Hard; when We Remember that We Can Painfully Produce Personalised Crystals InSide Our Bodies and Our Childlike Perception of ‘Magic’ Returns 🤓😇🤗



    ◇ I Prefer to Be Coal on The Beach of Our 3DLiving as The Tides of Time bring Me Stuff EveryOne; then The Stress and Pressure of 3DLife Metamorphoses Me in to a Diamond



    ♡ I NEVER!!! ‘Move On’ EveryOne; it’s for You to Decide to Quit Communication with Me ForEver 🤓 …I Totally Believe that ‘Trust’ CAN!!! be Re-Built 😀 ; it’s a Question of Building Boundaries then Gently 😎 , if necessary Aggressively 😡 , Asserting These Built Boundaries 🙄 …in summary; please take Accountability and Responsibility for Your FUCKING FEELINGS INSTEAD OF BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE!!! 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊



    ♡ A Religious Lady, She KNOWS!!! who SHE IS!!! and, as a Gentleman, I CHOOSE!!! to NOT!!! Name Her, deleted My Lengthy Diatribe on The Relationship The Religious Have with “Mammon” then blocked Me…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that She Claimed You NEED!!! to “Spend Money to Make Money” and I DisAgreed with “Isn’t that just “Mammon””; the MisManagement of Money as My Marvellous Mom, who is Devoutly Religious, explained when I Asked about Money Being “The Root of ALL Evil”…at least My Marvellous Mom is Genuine, Authentic and Honest about Her Biblical Perception of Money and Proud of Jesus for “Chasing The Money Changers” Out of The Temple of Her God along with Their “Greed and Avarice” and Me NOT!!! even Remotely Religious even though I Was Force Fed The Bible 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊 …so just Two Words to Conclude this Treatise; The Vatican 😇



    ♡ There is SomeThing about OUR Sun, OUR Star, Bathing Gaia, Our Planet, with Radical Radiation EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We Are Drawn to The Dawn that We Call SunRise and The Dusk that We Call SunSet yet The Sun is ALWAYS!!! There…how Fortunate, Blessed, Privileged et al ARE We to Have The Sun; yet We Whinge, Whine, Moan and Bitch about Money, Materialism and Our So Called Relationships…it’s so Crystal Clear Clarity that RAGE!!! is The Order of The Day; like Smiling Sweetly then Turning On A Dime and Snarling…now, please, don’t get Me Wrong; there is NOTHING!!! Wrong with Showing ‘Negative’ Emotion then Taking Time to Calm The FUCK!!! Down yet EveryThing Wrong with TAKING RAGE AND FURY OUT!!! On Others; ummm, I AM Very Badly Cooking a MeatLoaf Right Now and Grateful I Don’t Have a Wife who would be a Flea In My Ear and TELLING ME OFF!!! for ‘DOING IT ALL FUCKING WRONG!!!’ 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊



    ♡ Please do not be in a rush to die; death is a release and 3DLife is a prison with the key on the floor that we don’t observe until we sink to our knees and release ourselves…stress, pressure, diamond hard ladies; especially driven gents; power hungry and fragile, where is the love 🤔 ? love perceived as weakness yet I am weak and I love yet if you come at me with your anger be prepared to die and return to bliss because I am 😎😇🤗 …

    ◇ Just make sure You ARE Doing what You Want To Do and NOT!!! just Paying Bills; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that 3DLife is Best Be LIVED!!! even if it’s On The Streets, Homeless and Poor…

    ♤ Funny Really and NOT!!! in a Good Way; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that We Seem to Have OCD (Occupational DisOrder Complex) around Money and Materialism 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊



    I Have Recently been TOLD OFF!!! by My Mom and Other Ladies of a Certain Age and Religion for Swearing and Cursing while KNOWING!!! They Curse and Swear Under Their Breath; many a Board, Other or Cabinet Meeting Turns The Air True Blue 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊 …funny really how Hypocritical We ARE; sad too in the context of Creative/Sporting/Business Practices and Personal Relationships…I AM a Writer; I WILL NOT!!! Be Censored 🤓 …



    ♧ So what’s WRONG!!! 😠 with Our World EveryOne 🤔 ? it’s Crystal Clear Clarity to Me that We AIM Our Rage 😠 at THE WRONG FUCKING PEOPLE!!! who DO NOT DESERVE!!! Such Treatment 😔 ; then We Deny, Defend, Justify and ATTACK!!! ALL The While Weeping over Our InSane InAbility to Confront Our Parents and Other Authority 😓😲😭



    There is a Subtle Difference betwix ‘Can’ and ‘Able’ (Cain and Abel 🤔 ?); in précìs:

    ♤ ‘Can’ is The Capacity ALL Homo Sapiens Possess
    ♤ ‘Able’ is The Capacity We Develop in to Ability
    ♤ Ergo ‘I Can’ and ‘I AM Able’ ARE Different

    …so, for example; I Can:

    ♡ Climb – Basic Ability
    ♡ Cook – Intermediate Ability
    ♡ Create – Advanced Ability
    ♡ Clean – Intermediate Ability
    ♡ Curate – Basic Ability
    ♡ Communicate – Advanced Ability

    …please Take Time to THINK!!! about ‘I AM Able’ vs ‘I Can’ and why We Take Our CHOICES!!! to Develop Certain Capacity and Shy Away from Other Capacity; ask anything especially around ENVY AND JEALOUSY 😖😨😳😵😡😠!!! please…

    ♡ Look in The 3DLife Mirror EveryOne because there ARE Your Answers; Your Answers ARE in Your Questions about Others



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