Who can complain?

You put all this hard work and often celebrated the results with others.

But the day finally comes and you fall short of what you should be doing.

How do you make for this?

Can you fail but still be glad about it?

Obstacles may add another twist so it may never be fully understood.

The last weekend I drove down to US Paracycling Road Nationals. It took me a couple days because I wanted to work and meet up with a friend in Evansville, IN.

My mom flew in Friday and I honestly felt excluded, Yes I know that probably wasn’t the case though, just me and my imagination of course.

Over the 2 days of racing I got 3rd in the Time Trial and 3rd in the Road Race in the WT2 class, I should be a WT1 but something got screwed up somewhere and needless to say classification procedures need to be fixed. But oh  well. On a good note I persevered and decreased my own time and that’s really what should matter!


My mom and I drove back. We had quite a few interesting rest stops on both days as well as an interesting overnight stay. The first room at the hotel we booked was interesting, the beds were not made.

But we made it back and overall it was a great trip!

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