Honey, Dear, Sweetie


All names that are used to describe someone.

For many it may be used for their significant other,

But for some there may be a different reason.

And of course if you are part of that group where it may be for a different reason, you should just smile and accept it.

When you get home you can complain about it, that is what I do.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been called each of those three names.

When we try to argue with them they must not hear us but whatever.

I find it funny quite often though.

One of my favorite memories was when my mom and I went to Nickel World and when my mom and I went to Cash in our tickets the lady behind the counter said “Why not a ring sweetie” (These were plastic of course). My mom replied “She would like a real one”. I think the lady didn’t hear her.

What I don’t understand is why people call customers this? Is it because of the visual disability and the wrong thinking that there must be a stupidity factor involved? LOL I hope you understand that of course. 🙂

How do you want to be treated? Shouldn’t you treat others as you want to be treated?

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