When is it appropriate to give in?

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We are not all experts in everything.

We have our talents and our abilities.

But yet we may try to venture out and try something new. That new may be something we did in the past but without practive that skill may be gone.

So when is it appropriate to give in? When you have exhausted all other options of course and are worn out.

I got a new Hard drive yesterday and for whatever reason I was set in putting it in last night. I had put hard drives in before but that was a while ago.

I backed up all my files on a portable hard drive.

I created a recovery drive on a recordable cd.

After that I decided to try.

I got all the screws that I could see off but there were a few “Screws” that needed a smaller screw driver or so I thought.

I drove to my parents and the screws were missing but the back still wouldn’t budge. We found 4 more screws hidden.

I headed home and got the screws off. I got the back cover off and slid the hard drive in. I got the laptop together and it was only 8:30 and thought it was going to be an early night.

or so I thought.

So I turned it on and put in the disk but nothing. UGH!

So then I get out my old laptop and tried creating a new recovery disk.

After trying to have it create after reaching 60%, an hour later it failed.

Then I tried to connect my old to the new laptop via usb but that failed as well.

I went around trying to find USB drives.

By now it was 1 am then 2 am.

I finally gave in and put back in the old hard drive.

I will have to figure this out again tonight. I’m tired after only 4 hours of sleep.

Sometimes we just need a break from it in order to recharge our minds.

Do you find it difficult when you are always running and no downtime?

7 thoughts on “When is it appropriate to give in?

  1. I’m terrible about pursuing something long after I should’ve set it aside. I’ve gotten better, but I usually feel like I’ve invested so much time already, I need to keep going. Those are the times when I make dumb mistakes.

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    1. I definitely understand that! I often feel the same way and I really don’t want to quit but sometimes that is the best option.


  2. I am not got in DIY – hope you get success tonight


  3. Yernasia Quorelios June 19, 2019 — 2:23 am


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