Apples are a healthy treat.


They come in a variety of flavors, shape, and colors.

Different people like different ones.

Just like apples, no two are alike. People come from all wakes in life.

They have different likes and dislikes.

They have different ethnicities.

They are raised different.

With all the differences, no one should be treated differently because they are not like them.

Yesterday I took a risk and walked into Starbucks and later McDonald’s. I have a different way of walking and so I got a lot of looks. Sometimes it may look like I’m falling but I can usually catch myself.

For the most part, yesterday went ok.

Well today I decided to use the cane at the grocery store. I went to check out and the two people in front of me as well as the person behind me were all asked about the rewards program and if they wanted to top off their total to help veterans. I was not asked and it is very frustrating. I’m guessing the cashier saw the cane and ASSUMED that I shouldn’t be asked.

Did you know that when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me?



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