We can not go through life alone.

We are not born with the knowledge that we need for every situation.

We work on our talents to make them the best that we can.

Our talents may not be perfect but at least we should know that we tried.

Over 12 years ago (wow!) When I was just becoming aware of everything, they told my parents that I would never get out of a wheelchair.

When I moved into a quad cane they never said that I would move to a single pole.

When I moved into a single pole they told me that I would always use a cane to walk.

Well I walk short known distances without one now.

When I talked about going back to college doctors didn’t think it was possible. I went back and one of the first two classes that I wanted to take was calculus. The college enrolled me in calculus 2; I got the highest grade in the class. I now have an AS and BS in Accounting and MS in forensic Accounting.

I could keep going on but the point is that will and determination will help move you forward in life.

I recently got this and I consider it an honor!


The chance that I will be chosen may be slim but it gives me something to work towards. Someone told me that this was long and I don’t have a chance. So? Look at how I have defied every other odd set before me!

Are you on my side? Who is on your side?

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