National Donut day!

I only had 3 yesterday 😦

Inspirational Leader

Are there things that you just avoid because they are not good for you?

What can you do to strengthen the temptation?

Or maybe once in a while you just have to say screw it and give in!

That’s ok, it won’t kill you!

Today is national donut day! As an athlete I try hard to avoid eating donuts. Well today I said screw it and I left the house at 730. I got the first donut and headed for the second.

Then I came home and rode 10 miles. After I get up off the floor and shower, I will get another.


Why? Because I can!

Can you resist the temptation?

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3 thoughts on “National Donut day!

  1. My kids went to Dunkin Donut

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