If you can ride a bike,

then you can drive a car.


To a point that is of course. Not everyone who can bike can drive but is it a safety issue?

If it were of course, then I’m not sure how safe they would be on a bike but I could be wrong.

Likewise is if you can drive, does that mean that you can ride a bike?

And if you can’t ride a bike then why is it that you can’t? Is it a lack of willingness rather than ability?

The same concept applies to life. Many things can be adapted to make it possible, you just have to be willing to accept the change.

Are you willing to accept the change?

I heard this at camp the final day when I brought my car over to load the trike up. My driving that day was not the greatest but I didn’t hit anything. I think I scared this person but then again they have never seen my driving.

If you can ride a bike then you can drive a car. Thoughts?

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