Green means go

but apparently to many on the roads today it meant red; I gave up on counting the number of times I had to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting someone.

See the source image

There are somethings that just make sense to follow to avoid any further injury. If something is green please keep moving. If something is red please stop. If something is yellow that usually is a warning sign and just be cautious of whatever you do.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if more people are color blind than said and diagnosed. Or maybe it is distraction and the urge to get wherever they need to go.

I know it is Memorial Day weekend and there are a lot of people traveling but at the same time people use common sense when driving. If there is a green turn light as well as a green light, it is probably safe to turn. Am I overthinking this?

Likewise if you feel that it is safer to drive 10 mph under the speed limit, please move over. That can be a danger for distracted drivers  that are behind you.

Ok rant over. I am staying home; I’m fighting a cold anyways.

2 thoughts on “Green means go

  1. Yernasia Quorelios May 26, 2019 — 4:32 pm

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