Everything came down this morning/week

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Sorry all but I really have got nothing right now.

Rode 25mph headwinds the other day for a TT and got shit about only going 21.7 mph with a tailwind on a flat surface. Sorry that took a lot out of me.

SS can’t get figures right, and I am trying to figure out why it took my mom and I to recalculate everything which they say they have to recalculate themselves. I bet that takes another few months.

with the credit card fraud now I get to deal with all the missed payments, ugh! and with whatever I got, the doctor appointments and medicines. Bye bye budget for a few months!

Why is it that I seem to work faster than others and why people won’t listen to me on other things?

Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Everything came down this morning/week

  1. Wish god give you strength and courage for right decisions

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  2. You had a Credit Card Fraud?

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      1. That is sad. But you can reimburse

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        1. Yes, I caught it early and only lost $25.98

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          1. But the credit card company should pay you back

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              1. Oh ok. But you will get back

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