21.6 MPH


For a car that may be slow

but for a cyclist that may be pretty fast.

Have you ever done something that you thought was fast but someone tried to make it feel that it wasn’t?

How do you even handle these types of situations?

Well you can always look back and see how far you have come.

Maybe just maybe you sped it up so you can reach a time?

Oh do you really know?

But now they know you can so you best be pushing for it again.

Maybe there was a 3rd force involved?

On a good day I can bike 14 mph but that is with no wind and a flat surface free of any rocks/potholes/vehicles/roadkill which eliminates pretty much all of Rockford, Illinois.

Sunday I took a stab at a time trial. It was raining the day before as I was driving in so for sure I figured I’d be riding in the rain.  It was raining in the morning as well but for about 2 hours when all the bikers were on the course it stopped raining (I kid you not). However it came with a nearly a 25 MPH headwind.

So the 11 K out I was going anywhere from 6 mph to 14 mph. I had given up on trying to meet the standard then. Well at the turnaround it came with a strong tail wind and I was booking it for 9K and I was riding anywhere from 18 mph to 35 KPH. I crossed the finish line in the time needed and had so much fun with it!

Now I feel like crap. It was that, someone giving me something, or the rubbery eggs at Bob Evans?

How fast are you going and is someone trying to push you down?

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