The cane did it! Not me.

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Not much inspiration, just a bit hilarious.

Although I have been walking without a cane at home and other safe places, I typically use a single pole cane during the day and my walker at the airport.

I know metal detectors can be quite picky, the slightest touch to the side will set them off.

With all of the recent bank robberies in town, my bank decided to install a metal detector.

I had no idea of this so as I am going through the walkway the alarms went off.

I froze and I heard someone on the intercom. They had me take a step forward and cleared me to go through the door.

Not that I don’t mind this, but aren’t you basically allowing someone to enter the bank that is dangerous? I haven’t shot a real gun since the military and I don’t consider myself dangerous.

Just a thought of course.

3 thoughts on “The cane did it! Not me.

  1. That must have shocked you 😊

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      1. 🌸😊😊😊

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