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History lesson time. Why not?

I was checking my credit card and I noticed a charge that I have no recollection of making. The charge is for Continuity Subscription Merchants/ Amazon Prime for $12.99.

Well I never subscribed to anything and I cancelled my amazon prime months ago (I wasn’t using it to be worth it)

So I looked this up and found this to be a scam.

Never heard of Bhutan so I decided to look it up.

Did you know?

It is a landlocked country in South Asia?

It is east of India?

It is the 2nd least populist with only about 730,000 residents?

Their national currency is Ngultrum?

Their national language is dgongkha?

Ok I am having way too much fun with this.

I have to work tomorrow; that will be fun!

Gnite all!

3 thoughts on “Bhutan!

  1. It is a beautiful county – I def. want to go there

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