Life can’t be straightforward. If it was then how would that make life interesting?

I have a decision or thought running through my head right now, it involves cycling.

When I went to South Africa I was entered in the wrong class. When I brought it up, she was like oh they’ll change it because you are going through classification anyways.

Well they didn’t and I feel like I am stuck here. All my medical records lead to the other class but the outside physical part of me leads to the class I am in. I’m sorry if I have made a miraculous recovery! I fear that they were never given these records or the classifiers just wanted to get through all of the classifications so they just kept it. I’ve tried to accept it but I just can’t. I’m trying to play by the rules and only contact them but again it seems like the head people are once again too busy or they really don’t care?

It’s leading me to a point where I don’t really want to compete anymore. Cycling is costly and the time I need to make in order to keep my stipend keeps getting faster.  I would be better off getting a full time job or would I?

I have had a couple of people now tell me that I need to suck it up because I am now in this class. I’ve also had a few people tell me that I’ll never be competitive in this class (again we knew that)

What really pissed me off was when I overheard something and the coach said that she needs to learn to ride in a group and we won’t always go this slow. That hurt a lot. Yes I know I am slower than most but seriously? How many of you can say you survived death, beat ALL odds, and just won’t give up to get to where you are today? Seriously, not many people can honestly say that!

Thinking about it, does it come down to a clerical error and people not wanting to do extra work? That could be a possibility and this could all have been prevented.

Do you forgive someone for making an error but not wanting to fix it which leads to years of frustration?

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