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We all have them.

Others may think we are crazy because of some crazy dream of ours but we all have our dreams.

And yet, we may not achieve our dreams and sure it can be frustrating if we don’t but can you say at least you tried?

If today was the last day of your life what would you want to do?

Would you want to cross off everything on your bucket lists?

What if you don’t have the resources or strength?

It might be that achieving that dream may not even be possible because it doesn’t even happen often.

What can you do now to make sure that your dream is achieved in spirit through the life of others?

We can’t take advantage of each new day. We can’t guarantee tomorrow will  even happen.

I have a dream to represent the Paralympics. Unfortunately classification isn’t perfect and a bit unfair along with the comments I overhear, that dream is slowly dying. I have gotten cuts and bruises from head to toe in pursuit of it. When is it enough?

What are your  dreams and how are you achieving them today?

5 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Dreams and plan to achieve the dream both are equally important

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  2. I think we should dream big as I know.or i wouldn’t have bachelors. Cal State was just a pipe dream so I applied thinking will at least I did something but I I got in and was top of my class. So Follow your dream you’ll never know where you end up.

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