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FB_IMG_1546956579296.jpgThere is something more than just the air on your back and the wind in your hair for me. I can hop on a bike and at least look normal with no cane or walker by my side. I can feel like I fit in and that is awesome. When I hop on my trike I feel like I fit it.

cropped-ca-2018.jpgEveryone is doing it.

There is no more explanation here. Once you learn to ride a bike you always know how. Modifications may sometimes be needed to be able to ride but really nothing is impossible. If you have a disability, should anything be holding you back?

Life is awesome, sure there are plenty of never ending hurdles to overcome but can one complain?

Ok maybe if the soap dispenser is way up there and you are way down there. But really you just need to figure out a…

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