They are all around us. We see them everyday 

GTG got to go

BTW by the way

LOL laugh out loud

AWOL absent without leave

The list goes on.

Can these acronyms be a sign?

Can they point you in the right direction?

Can acronyms provide you with comfort?

I am always looking for signs. Many of you know that my biological father passed away when I was 14. He was an OTR truck driver (over the road) for both Atlas Van Lines and Watkins. His name was Tom.

Every once in a while I see one of these trucks and it helps provide me with reassurance that he is ok.

What is even better is that the acronym for the company that is a client of the company I work for is TOM.

Is that a sign?

What are your thoughts?

How do you use acronyms?

2 thoughts on “Acronyms

  1. Ha the Acronyms – 😊 – I lost my dad quiet an early age as well –

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