Pooping Bunny

Now I’ve gotten your attention!

Have you ever seen the movie hop? In it the bunny poops jelly beans to show that he is special.

See the source image

Do we really need to do something like this to prove we are special?

Or can we do humane things to prove the same point?

We are all special in some way.

We have our own strengths.

We have our own identities.

We have our own personalities.

We have a lot within ourselves.

Are we using each of our strengths and talents in the most effective way possible?

I’m writing this as I am eating Jelly beans and no they did not come out of any rabbit!

I was at my volunteer job and my supervisor needed to know totals by county rather than by city like I had been using.

It was tracked in Excel so I got to have some fun!

I love nesting formulas and seeing the answers populated. Now I wonder if they have a job title called Excel analyst?

Am I using my talents effectively?

The world may never know!

Are you using your talents effectively?

4 thoughts on “Pooping Bunny

  1. Wow… I had heard of Hop, but didn’t fully realize what it was about. It sounds… innovative.
    ‘Am I being my best self’ That’s a good question to ask oneself. I’m often thinking it, these days. Anyway, it’s awesome that you are passionate about your volunteer work! There is actually a niche market for people just like you who enjoy doing spreadsheets; it’s generally considered an aspect of being a remote personal assistant or secretary, but there are also freelancers who do it exclusively for a pretty penny. You might want to consider signing up for a marketplace site such as Fiverr; with your (I’m sure) exemplary work experience for a known and respected charity–plus whatever other experience you might have from your other job–business professionals, students, charities, and anyone else in the world who hates creating spreadsheets (so pretty much everyone) will fight for the chance to outsource their work to someone so responsible. Good luck 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for the reply and the encouragement! Check the movie out when you can too, you’ll love it! Have an awesome day/

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  2. Yes, we all are special

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