Little steps can add up

Taking a look back at the beginning this morning. 13 miles would probably only take me maybe 65 minutes today. That is an improvement and I’m looking forward to getting that down some more!

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15 minutes passed and I was sitting at a red light waiting to cross the street. I looked down and I already had 4 miles down. I didn’t realize that I was going that fast. Last year 4 miles took me almost 18 mins and when I first started riding 4 miles took me a massive 40 minutes :(. That was about 4 years ago. Over the years I have increased my riding time, incorporated some drills, and upgraded my equipment.

The time decrease didn’t happen overnight. Rather it happened gradually. Little steps were taken up to the point of today.


That’s how life goes often. We can’t wakeup the next morning and be great at something.

It takes practice and lots of it!

Potentially some hair being pulled out.

More practice.

Rising stress levels.

More practice.

Some competing.

And more practice.

There is never an end to this. You…

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