Sleeping in or not?


Ever felt that you can’t break any routine that you have?

What if it was a routine that you really hate doing but can’t drop it no matter what?

How do we start routines?

Routines are created by repetitive actions done at the same time each day.

Maybe it is brushing your teeth?

or walking your dog?

or studying for the class work next day?

or maybe it’s making yourself practice something, you know practice makes perfect.

Getting up at 5 am for nearly 9 months made this a repetitive action for me. No matter what I do I just can’t break it. As the day dwindles done my energy drops and I try to get everything done earlier rather than later.

It doesn’t always work though and there are many nights that I am up past midnight.

It makes for a long day. If I am lucky I can nap after I trike.

I tried so hard to sleep in today but I was up at 5:03 😦 Hello Saturday!

How are you dealing with routines?

4 thoughts on “Sleeping in or not?

  1. Irony isn’t it – weekend even I wake up effortless – weekday it is a different story

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      1. haha – don’t be 😊

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