No turning back now!


Ever gotten to a point where all you can do is continue?

By turning back now means that everything you have done to improve is just a waste of time?

All the money spent could have been spent on brand new cars, trips, etc.

But what good is stuff if it can’t be enjoyed?

By no means is cycling cheap!

There’s always the greatest new material or the greatest new part that is an improvement and will help you gain seconds.

Another element is disability in paracycling. I still believe that I am a T1 but I can’t let it bother me.

Cycling is fun for me and it allows me to be free.

Plus I feel accepted just as I am with the military crowd.

Yes camp was quite difficult on me. I did something to my knee in the time trial on Tuesday. I fell off on Wednesday (Steve’s fault :P). And I often felt excluded in a sense because I didn’t get to ride with everyone. It was very frustrating and I can’t even begin to say the number of times that I wanted to say screw it and just give up.

But I didn’t.

Instead I decided to paint my trike; soon it will match my car and show me for who I am!

Not many people can say they have owned an orange bike

nor can they usually say they survived death!

There is no turning back now! I have the scars and brains to show for it.

Are you turning back?

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